Instant 0 In The Universe (les_yper_sound) wrote in stereolab,
Instant 0 In The Universe

this is an email from martin at duophonic about the new LP!!!!!!!!!

Dear All,
If the release if the new maxi EP wasn't enough I now bring news of the new LP.
Entitled 'Margerine Eclipse' it will be issued on CD via Elektra and Duophonic UHF Disks and limited edition double vinyl via Duophonic UHF Disks. The anticipated release dates are January 27th 2004 in the USA and Febraury 2nd in the UK. As soon as we have dates for the other territories we'll let you know.
The tracklisting is
1] Vonal Declosion [accent on the 'e']
2] Need to Be
3] "...sudden stars"
4] Cosmic Country Noir
5] La Demeure
6] Margerine Rock
7] The Man with 100 Cells
8] Margerine Melodie
9] Hillbilly Motobike
10] Feel and Triple
11] Bop Scotch
12] Dear Marge
There will be the usual bonus track on the Japanese edition - La Spirale.
Even as I type live dates are being discussed.
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